Medical Lien Revenue Cycle Management

How Our Revenue Cycle Management Works

Medical Lien Revenue Cycle Management

Our Medical Lien Revenue Cycle Management Process Helps You Get Paid Sooner

We will pay you a percentage up front for your medical liens, manage working with attorneys at the end of the cases and then pay you again based on the performance of the portfolio once the liens have been monetized.

Portfolio Review

Our team of underwriters will review your medical receivables portfolio associated with personal injury cases and historical collections history to determine a fair value for your portfolio

Agree on Terms

Based on our review of your medical lien portfolio we will discuss the following details that will form the basis of our agreement:

- Initial payment you will receive as we take on managing the portfolio

- Our management fee threshold - amount we must collect to satisfy agreement

- The Performance period for the liens to resolve

- Additional payment terms for payments collected that exceed management fee threshold

Initial Payment

You will receive a percentage of the portfolio value up front, helping with your cash flow management - allowing you to expand, cover operating expenses or bolster your bottom line

We Will Manage the Medical Lien Receivables

We will manage the medical liens, wait for the cases to resolve and work with attorneys at the end of the cases to receive payment

Post Hurdle Payment

Once the portfolio of medical liens have monetized, you will receive an additional percentage of payments that exceeded the management fee threshold, adding even more to your bottom line!

Forward Flow

We can continue purchasing your future medical liens, giving you piece of mind in taking personal injury cases knowing you will be paid promptly

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