We purchase personal injury medical lien receivables.

We can help solve your cash flow challenges no matter the size of your outstanding portfolio.

Don’t wait months or even years for payment on your medical lien receivables associated with personal injury cases.

Our Clients Know

Velocity is the best choice for their medical lien cash flow challenges.

We have deep experience with personal injury liens

Our professionals achieve some of the best collection rates.

We work with personal injury attorneys

At Velocity, we understand the importance of attorney relationships and have years of experience negotiating favorable collection rates upon the resolution of your patients' personal injury cases.

Our professionals know portfolios inside and out

We have worked with providers in over 40 states to date.

Help us understand your organization

We can develop an optimum solution for your practice.

What Makes Us Right

Our years of experience sets us apart from the others

Access to capital

At Velocity we have the financing immediately available to monetize your Personal Injury medical lien portfolio.

Comprehensive underwriting

Our team of professional underwriters can review your portfolio and create a custom solution for your practice.

Single focus

Our specialty is purchasing medical lien receivables on personal injury cases. We have the experience you need.

Contact Us Now to turn your existing medical lien receivables into CASH!

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